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Arriving by car

The entrance to the Barri Vell is permitted only three times. That means leaving and collecting luggage, plus one extra entrance. The car restriction enhances the quality of life of people in Girona. You have two choices:

  • if you don't have a heavy luggage I would recommend you to park outside Barri Vell. It's just a 5 minutes walk, and it's much less prone to mistakes. You may park in the blue areas of the map below.
  • if you really need to get to the entrance by car,see the map below. First get to Plaça Catalunya (car icon in the map), which is the only entrance to the Old Town ( choose it as destination, see for instance the route from Barcelona). When you arrive to Plaça Catalunya, drive ahead to Barri Vell (you will see a sign warning entrance restricted), then Plaça del Vi, Carrer Ciutadans, turn left (take care not to follow straight), and then after another turn you get to carrer Ballesteries. Just 50 meters ahead, on the left side, there is a Bar called 'La Terra'. The apartments' door is on the left. You may call me at the buzzer 'Espai de ioga', or just open the doors with the instructions you were given. You may park on the side for a few minutes, but don't leave it unattended (police don't like that procedure). Keep in mind the buses keep driving through and they will make you leave. Later, drive ahead to the parkings sites 1 and 2. We are sorry for these inconvenients, but we are sure you will certainly appreciate the confort of living in a car restriced area.

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