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Can you call a taxi?

So you want to take a taxi to leave?

We will be happy to make the phone call for you. Or you may do it yourself to Taxi Central +972 22 23 23 They speak English and you can book a taxi for next day.

Some rules:

  • you need to be ready down the street 5 minutes ahead
  • it takes about 10 minutes to get to the train station
  • however I have had a couple of bad experiences: the taxi could drive into Barri Vell because of concerts etc and they didn't call. People waited until it got very late, and when we called again it was quite a suffering. So I recommend you to give yourself 45 minutes before train departure, and call the number above if 5 minutes later than the apponted hour the taxi hasn't arrived. Another option is to cross the bridge and 2 minutes in the other side right in front of Post Office (Correus) there is a taxi stop which would be free of the driving problems of Old Town.
  • if you don't have a heavy luggage walking is the best option, 20 minutes easy walk.

If you need a taxi from the train station just get one there, there are many available.