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Where can I rent a bike?

Girona is a hub of several professional bike teams. If you come to Girona to ride, you already know more than me. In any case here are a couple of links:

Bike breaks is 5 minutes walk from the appartment. Very professional, excellent quality bikes. They organize tours and also meet once a week for a ride for free.

alberg cerberí offer much modest bikes, possibly cheaper, and they open on Sunday.

A couple of places where bikers meet:

Expresso mafia for best coffees in the world. Relaxed atmosphere, often groups of bikers hanging around.

La fabrica for best breakfast. Bio, energetic, probiotics, or just delicious eggs. Not cheap but worth. I've heart the owners are former professional bikers.

By the way, you are strongly recommended not to leave outside for the night an expensive bike. Mine, which is decathlon 200€, is secured with 2 strong locks. Check parking for bikes.